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  1. I truly enjoyed both of you books, and looking forward to number 3. You have a great talent for telling a good story and keeping me turning the pages. Thank you for also being a docent on the Midway and for being such a great friend to our father Elroy Voet . See you soon. And keep on writing.

  2. Hi Buck, what a good read. Well written and it flowed nicely. I like the short chapters so we could catch up with each character. You developed each personality really well and created “need to read the next chapter” before turning out the light.

    Good work

    • John,

      Thanks for the nice note. I’ll keep you posted on the progress of book 3 (in the works). Hit’em straight, Buck

  3. Just finished ” THE LAST DAYS FOR BAD MEN ” – really enjoyed it. A quick read. I kept thinking that this story has been / is actually playing out without public knowledge. It would be a great story line for a movie. I’ve got “Last Stand of Dark Horse” on my reading list.

    • Bob,
      Thank you for taking the time to review my latest book, “The Last Days for Bad Men.”

      With respect to your comment about modest “public knowledge” of OPERATION FAST & FURIOUS, there were,and still are, individuals in the highest reaches of government and the news media who don’t want this story to expand any further than it already has. Why? When you consider the pain, suffering and number of deaths in Mexico…caused directly by the number of semi-automatic rifles that our Justice Department and ATF permitted (and enabled) to flow into Mexico… it’s a public relations nightmare of epic proportions.

      In closing, if you have interest in reading “Stonewalled” (S. Attkinsson) and “The Unarmed Truth” (J. Dodson) you’ll be appalled by the lies and misinformation both the White House and much of the news media fed to the public regarding OPERATION FAST & FURIOUS.

      I’ll leave it at that. I get worked up every time I think about that disgraceful event.


    • Don,

      Glad you enjoyed THE LAST DAYS FOR BAD MEN ( just released). I’m working on book #3 but it won’t be available until late 2018. Rest up.


  4. Read Last Stand of Dark Horse and The Last Stand for Bad Men in the past week. Equally exciting, both action packed. This readers connection to the characters surpassed my previous experiences in this genre. Buck invokes in the reader “feel good” emotions as well as patriotic feelings that gave me a greater understanding of the sacrifices our service men and women make on a daily basis. The political ramifications of our government’s policies and the effect on our brave warriors was eye-opening. Highly recommend these books to everyone. Great thought provoking adventures. Awaiting the next book in the series, get on it Buck!

  5. I’m just taking a few minutes off from finishing reading Buck Ramsey’s latest book, “The Last Days for Bad Men. WHAT A READ! This book captures your interest from the first page. The author obviously spent a great deal of time doing research on a variety of things to make this book so believable. He is an excellent story teller! I’m sure that Buck was very successful in his career in real estate, but he has cheated his readers by waiting so long to become an author! This book is a MUST read. Please don’t make us wait so long for your next book.

    • Daniel,
      The second book in this series, “The Last Stand for Bad Men,” should be published in the next month or so. The main characters reappear and the time frame is two years later, 2010. The historical backdrop of the book is “Operation Fast & Furious,” the gunwalking debacle that involved the US Justice Department and the ATF. The story, characters and climax are fictional.

  6. I just finished reading Buck Ramsey’s Last Stand of Dark Horse and can’t say enough good things about it. After you get to know the characters, you will be spell bound. I didn’t want to stop reading ! It is full of emotion, action and intrigue. Can’t wait for his next book!

  7. I just received an autographed copy of your book from my father Don, who you work with on the Midway. Thank you for the great inscription and your work as a docent and with the charities you support. I look forward to reading it very soon…and the follow up book as well.

    • Glenn,
      Your dad is a great American who contributes much of his time to the USS Midway Museum and a host of other charitable veteran organizations.

      I hope you enjoy the story.

      Best wishes,

    • The next book in the series, “The Last Stand of Bad Man,” should be available by June 2016. Thanks for the nice review.

  8. Loved Last Stand! Great characters, tight story and the stand-shoot out at Yellowstone simply riveting. Really liked the detail and background on the military and Annapolis. I learned a lot. Excellent first novel, Buck. I too can’t wait for book 2.

  9. Hey, Buck,
    Great book! A real page turner, as they say.

    I thought you did a really good job introducing the characters; developing them; getting the reader interested in the characters and their fates; and you left no loose ends.
    I wasn’t sure where you could go with a sequel, but adding the first chapter at the end of Dark Horse left me hungry for the next book.

  10. Yes I think women would enjoy reading your books. Strong women always make good and interesting characters.

  11. Just finished dark horse. Very well written and a very good story. I hope you will continue the series!!

    • Chris,
      Thank you for your nice comments. I’m working on book II now. Let me ask you a question. Though I think a majority of my readers will be guys, do you think this book is of interest to women ? They certainly play a key role in the book. I’d appreciate your thoughts.

      Best regards,

  12. Totally enjoyed reading “Dark Horse.” Started slow, but before long I couldn’t put it down. The way the females were woven into the conflict and their part in the solution makes it a must for the female audience. “Rosie the riveter” would love the book.

    • Mike,
      I appreciate your comments. Your “couldn’t put [the book] down” comment is becoming a frequent response. I’m pleased that you enjoyed the story.

      Best regards,

  13. “The Last Stand” is a great, fast-paced and fun to read novel. It’s based on real world threats and responses and gives a reader a true appreciation for the mentality and readiness of our military and defense arsenal. I found the development of the characters to be a reflection of the writer’s personal experiences, both personal and political. The reader is often given a humorous tidbit to keep the tone light, something on the order of Elmore Leonard wit. Its also very clever how Buck weaves the female’s roles into action and spotlights. This should help the book appeal to women of all ages. I’m looking forward to the movie!!

    • Jack,
      Thank you for your detailed review. I too feel that women of all ages women will enjoy my book. My female characters are not overshadowed in the least overshadowed by the males. Plus, one of the main female characters moves to the head of the class.

      Best regards,

  14. I loved the book “Last Stand of Dark horse” It was very well written. It started by building the characters and scenarios that would unfold. While reading the second half of the book I was in a definite “cannot put the book down” mode. Really gripping and highly recommended.
    I read the synopsis of Buck’s next book at the end of ‘Dark Horse’ and am very much looking forward to that book.

    • Aidan,
      Thanks for your nice review. I’m working on book II and trust that it will live up to your expectations. Buck

  15. “Last Stand of Dark Horse” is a book that is hard to put down once you’ve started reading. I compare the excitement and action of “Dark Horse” to the tales of Clive Cussler and others of his ilk. With the terror that has spread around and from the radicalized Mid-East, it is not hard to imagine these 11th Century throwbacks bringing their brand of hate and murder to our own backyard. Brice Miller is our hero of the hour, and we can’t wait to follow his further adventures. Buck Ramsey has a winner here.

    Jim Stephens

    • Jim,
      Thank you for your insightful review. I get the impression that you enjoy history and reading historical fiction. Get ready to hold on to your hat for book II. Buck

    • Reads like a Clancy! That’s high praise. I’m glad that you enjoyed the book. Tell your friends about it. I’m working on the next book.

      Best regards,

  16. I just read your book “The Last Stand of Dark Horse” and it is a great book. I am hoping to read more of your books. I am a retired USN CPO and I was also in Vietnam(1969-1970). I was an electronics technician with NAVSUPACT Saigon. Keep up the good work and welcome home.

    July 12, 2015 at 2:59 am Reply Edit
    Thanks for your nice note and a welcome home to you as well. My next book, “The Last Days of Bad Man,” will have more political overtones, and Bobby Ridger and Annie Youngblood will move to center stage while Brice Miller is studying at Annapolis.

    Best regards,